He is out of his mind…I mean some wud say, his brains have left him…people die everyday, u know…their names are still there.   SPR DOES NOT seem to show that they have the knowledge, technology nor expertise to clean up electoral rolls…Malaysia does not possess an integrated computerised system to automatically delete deceased person from electoral rolls as soon as they are reported dead.   Nor to automatically register a voter who has turned 21.

The lack of will to reform is so unashamedly obvious.

The people, particularly the opposition party workers are doing the job of SPR, see…cleaning up the electoral rolls!

By the way, its a teaser still …now which electoral rolls will they be using?

‘No more phantom voters’ PDF Print E-mail
Posted by Raja Petra
Tuesday, 08 January 2008
(Daily Express) – The Election Commission (SPR) has deleted thousands of names from the electoral rolls after it was found that they had either died or were non-citizens.

Disclosing this here, Monday, SPR Chairman Tan Sri Haji Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, however, regretted that some deaths among Malaysian voters were not reported to the relevant authorities.

As of now, there are no longer “phantom voters” in the country, and most of those on the electoral rolls are Malaysian citizens after thorough checks with the National Registration Department, he said.

He was speaking to reporters after opening a two-day course-cum-briefing for officers and personnel involved in assisting the SPR for the coming general election, at a local hotel here.

In this respect, Rashid hoped the people would refrain from hurling baseless accusations that could tarnish the SPR’s integrity.

Any form of dissatisfaction should be immediately referred to the Election Commission towards achieving amicable settlement, rather be discussed in coffeeshops, he said.

Furthermore, he reminded that any allegation being referred to the SPR must be substantiated with concrete evidence.

Rashid assured that the SPR would maintain its integrity as an independent entity, contrary to allegations that it is siding with the Government.

Those having registered as voters with the Commission should strive to check the SPR website http://www.spr.gov.my to ensure they are not deprived of exercising their citizenship rights as voters, he said.

In Kepala Batas, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin says only the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has the absolute power and right to comment on the general election date.

“No need to ask (the election date) to politicians or ministers, including Election Commission chairman (Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman)…I don’t understand why he (Abdul Rashid) said the election is around the corner,” said Khairy who called for a stop to speculations on the election date by any quarters.

Asked to comment on the election fever being felt in the country, Khairy said some groups have resorted to turn current issues such as cooking oil shortage and extra charges imposed by schools and parent-teacher associations into political issues.

“The temperature of general election is very high to the point that whatever action taken by the government is considered to be for the benefit of the general election,” he added.


when they know that there ARE cooking oil somewhere…and sufficient…must the people suffer even little things…!

As OFTEN…it is a prelude to further burden the people in some way…in the near future.


Govt to flood market with cooking oil

KUALA LUMPUR: The market will be flooded with 70,000 tonnes of cooking oil to resolve the shortage of the essential item.

With this move, the 5kg per customer limitation has been lifted, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal told a press conference after meeting government agencies and the private sector on preparations for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

“We will flood the market first and then review what the demand is really like when the shortage is over,” he said, adding that the supply of cooking oil was expected to return to normal by the end of this week.

The announcement came hours after the Cabinet Committee on the Competitiveness of the Palm Oil Industry met in Putrajaya. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi chaired the meeting.

Shafie said there was no point for cooking oil manufacturers to produce 70,000 tonnes every month when the actual demand was lower.

The usual demand is between 49,000 and 55,000 tonnes a month.

Meanwhile, a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, which confirmed Shafie’s announcement, said RM800mil was spent to subsidise cooking oil in the country last year.

“The Cabinet Committee meeting decided that subsidised cooking oil will not be allowed to be brought out of the country, whether by Malaysians or foreigners.

“The Government will step up enforcement and take stern action against those caught smuggling or hoarding controlled items,” it said.

Shafie said the increase in production of cooking oil would cost the Government more in subsidies.

He said there were no plans to adjust the price of cooking oil, although there were requests from the manufacturers.

When asked on the reasons for the shortage, he said it was the manufacturing quotas and increased demand.

It is understood that manufacturers had used part of this month’s production quota in last month, which had a higher demand than the usual monthly amount.

Shafie said the ministry found that the demand for unsubsidised oil had gone down at almost the same rate as the increase in demand for subsidised oil.

He said there was a reduction in demand for 17kg packs and an increase in demand for the smaller packs. The decrease and increase were almost at the same rate – 56% and 46% respectively.

“The price of unsubsidised cooking oil is now very high. People will find a way to get the cheaper oil,” he said, adding that the manufacturers should act responsibly.

Only cooking oil in packs of 5kg and below are subsidised. Food manufacturing industries are not entitled to the subsidised oil and are supposed to only purchase bulk packs.

Shafie said there would be stricter enforcement, including tougher checks at border checkpoints and factories, to ensure that subsidised cooking oil is not falling into the wrong hands.

Among those present at the meeting were Shafie, Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui, Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop and Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik.


 BN, so pathetic for words!


Kuota keluaran ditingkat — Bagi tangani kekurangan bekalan minyak masak – PM

GUNA KAD PENGENALAN… Orang ramai terpaksa menunjukkan kad pengenalan kepada pengurus jualan, Liaw Hock Su semasa membeli minyak masak di Pasar Raya Pantai Timur di Rantau Panjang, semalam bagi mengatasi masalah penyeludupan dan pembelian minyak masak dengan banyak oleh rakyat negara jiran di kawasan sempadan Thailand-Kelantan. – Gambar HAFIZ JOHARI.

PUTRAJAYA 7 Jan.– Kerajaan bersetuju meningkatkan kuota pengeluaran minyak masak bersubsidi dalam tempoh terdekat bagi menangani kekurangan bekalan bahan keperluan itu yang meruncing di pasaran.

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berkata, keputusan itu dicapai dalam mesyuarat khas menangani isu minyak masak yang dipengerusikan beliau pagi ini dan disertai beberapa kementerian berkaitan.

Dalam satu kenyataan yang dikeluarkan malam ini, Perdana Menteri berkata, mesyuarat itu juga memutuskan bahawa kerajaan tidak akan menaikkan harga pasaran minyak masak bersubsidi.

Ketika ini minyak masak kelapa sawit dijual pada harga RM2.50 sekilogram.

‘‘Hampir RM800 juta dibelanjakan bagi membiayai subsidi minyak masak dalam negara untuk dinikmati oleh rakyat,” kata Abdullah dalam kenyataan itu.

Kuota pengeluaran minyak sawit sebelum ini ialah 48,988 tan sebulan.

Mesyuarat khas menangani isu minyak masak pagi ini dihadiri oleh Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Datuk Mohd. Shafie Apdal; Menteri Perusahaan Perladangan dan Komoditi, Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui; Menteri Kewangan Kedua, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop dan Menteri Tenaga, Air dan Komunikasi, Datuk Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik.

Pihak industri turut dijemput menghadiri mesyuarat tersebut.

‘‘Mesyuarat memutuskan untuk meningkatkan kuota pengeluaran minyak masak bersubsidi dengan ketara untuk tempoh terdekat ini.

‘‘Dengan peningkatan kuota serta pengagihan secara lebih berkesan, bekalan minyak masak bersubsidi akan pulih seperti sedia kala dalam masa beberapa hari dan catuan terhadap pembelian minyak masak adalah tidak perlu,” kata Perdana Menteri.

Beberapa negeri ketika ini dilaporkan kehabisan stok minyak masak sehingga menyebabkan mulai hari ini kerajaan mencatu pembeliannya kepada maksimum lima kilogram bagi setiap pengguna.

Antara negeri yang terjejas teruk ialah Kedah, Pahang, Kelantan dan Terengganu.

Pembelian panik oleh pengguna dan tindakan peniaga menyorok bekalan dipercayai menjadi punca minyak masak kurang dan sukar diperoleh di pasaran.

Menurut Abdullah, mesyuarat yang beliau pengerusikan pagi ini mendapati tiada masalah kekurangan bekalan minyak masak dalam negara.

Bagaimanapun, kata beliau, masalah kekurangan stok minyak masak bersubsidi dalam pasaran tempatan berpunca daripada peningkatan permintaan berikutan sambutan pelbagai perayaan utama yang tarikhnya berdekatan baru-baru ini.

‘‘Keadaan ini menjadi bertambah buruk akibat daripada tindakan tidak bertanggungjawab mereka yang menyeludup minyak masak bersubsidi ke luar negara, mereka yang menyembunyikan stok mahupun pihak industri yang menggunakan minyak masak bersubsidi walaupun tidak berhak berbuat demikian,” kata beliau.

Perdana Menteri menegaskan, tindakan akan diambil untuk memastikan bekalan minyak masak dapat diagihkan secara lebih berkesan di peringkat runcit.

Pada masa sama, ujarnya, pihak berkuasa akan memperketatkan kawalan di sempadan negara bagi membendung penyeludupan keluar minyak masak.

Katanya, kerajaan akan meningkatkan aktiviti penguatkuasaan serta akan mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap mereka yang ditangkap menyeludup atau menyembunyikan stok barang-barang kawalan.

utusan online

Things are beginning to see light of day…

at this time, things may get messier…

but what about the people’s miseries

while these leaders fight among themselves?

over and over again…ripe time to change now…

change them BN leaders!

Stop the rot!Vote for change!



Jan 7, 08 5:51pm

Beh Lih Yi



MCA Youth deputy chief Ling Hee Leong has fired a salvo against

the party leadership over their handling of the sex scandal

involving the former vice–president, Dr Chua Soi Lek.


Never on their own…


Chua Soi Lek umum perletakan semua jawatan

02/01/2008 3:43:27 p.m.

Naib Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek hari ini mengumumkan peletakan jawatannya sebagai Menteri Kesihatan dan semua jawatan dalam parti serta anggota Parlimen Labis, berkuatkuasa serta merta.- Bernama

Chua quits all party, gov’t posts
Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Jan 2, 08 3:03pm

breaking news Embattled MCA vice-president and Health Minister Dr Chua Soi Lek has resigned from all his posts both in the party and the government with immediate effect.

It is all over the news and nation. Mr Chua Soi Lek, the Malaysian health Minister admitting to being the politician in the sex DVD circulating among the people.

Well, ARE we having it…? That the Islam Dollah Badawi calls – Islam Hadhari, gives leeway to such a scandal? Would Buddha have allowed Mr Chua to continue as Minister?

After all we are a nation that believes in God.

The perversity of BN politics is that political ambits will recklessly trample on any code of conduct…supremo is the desire of men…leave the nation in the hands of these men…and we are definitely heading for a complete destruction of the nation…


  • Chua: I’m the one in sex video
    Jan 1, 08 4:04pm
  • BREAKING NEWS updated 6.18pm Top MCA leader Chua Soi Lek today confirmed he was the man featured in a sex video but said he will not resign as health minister.MORE
  • Chua: Woman a personal friend
    Wife says she’s standing by Chua
    Meeting with Pak Lah yesterday

I was there…acid water, tear gas and all…I can tell you the news by BN controlled media are more lies than anything else…!

…sori i’ll get the article more presentable later…


LIVE reports: The Bersih rally
Nov 10, 07 2:12pm    

Despite an almost complete lockdown

of the city by police and with the rally venue

Dataran Merdeka sealed off, thousands of

protesters are congregating in Sogo department store,

Masjid Jamek, Masjid Negara and Pasar Seni. [See map]

Most of the protesters are seen

walking back to Masjid Negara and the

traffic is at a standstill.

About 20 people have been arrested earlier

today and they are being held at Pudu police station.

When they arrive at Masjid Negara, they were

told to go home. Some of them are going to

the Pudu police station to support those who were detained

4pm: The Bersih delegation led by Anwar

Ibrahim handed the memorandum to the

King’s representative at the gate of the Istana Negara.

Anwar is accompanied by PAS’ Hadi Awang and

Nasharuddin Mat Isa and DAP’s Lim Kit Siang

and Lim Guan Eng. The organisers are

asking the 40,000-strong crowd to disperse.

Nasharuddin describes the event as a resounding success.

3.55pm: Anwar Ibrahim arrives on a motorbike to join

Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang near Istana Negara.

He and Hadi Awang give a short speech and are

getting ready to move to the palace gate.

3.40pm: Another few thousand of protesters,

mostly from Masjid Jamek, are marching

to join the main crowd in Istana Negara.

They are currently in Jalan Maharajalela,

near the old KL train station.

3.30pm: Seven members of Bersih will be

allowed to go to the gate

of Istana Negara to hand in the

memorandum calling for the

King’s intervention in instituting poll reforms.

The delegation is waiting for ex-deputy premier

Anwar Ibrahim to arrive.

He was caught in the traffic jam and will now

travel by motorbike.

3.20pm: A Bersih delegation, which include

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang from DAP and

PAS president Hadi Awang, is waiting about

100 metres outside the Istana Negara.

The 40,000 protesters are on the highway

and are being held back by riot police

200 metres from the palace.

3.15pm: About 5,000 protesters are marching from

Sogo department store towards Istana Negara.
They are currently in Jalan Raja Laut near

Pertama Complex.

The 500 from Pasir Seni have broken away

from the stand-off with

riot police near Dataran Merdeka, leaving

the square completely quiet.

3.12pm: There is a stand-off between

the 40,000 crowd and 150

riot police -backed by water cannon trucks –

about 200 meters from Istana Negara.

Three police helicopters are hovering above.

3pm: The crowd, now grown to about 40,000,

reached about 300 metres from Istana Negara.

PAS president Hadi Awang is leading them.

Former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim is due to arrive.

There are people stretching over half a kilometre

along the highway.

2.50pm: 10,000 who are at the Masjid Negara

have begun marching to Istana Negara.

They split into two groups using two different routes.

Rain stops.

2.45pm: The police have taken over the road

outside Masjid Jamek after firing

about a dozen rounds of tear gas.

Many of the protesters move away from the area.

Most of them have linked up with the crowd

in Sogo department store.

2.40pm: The 500 Pasar Seni marchers

are met by 100 riot police about

50 metres from Dataran Merdeka.

There are minor clashes but

police have formed two lines of barricades,

resulting in a stand-off.


The police in Masjid Jamek area begin

firing several canisters of tear gas at the

crowd in addition to discharging chemical-laced water.

At least, four rounds of tear gas have been fired.

2.35pm: About 500 protesters to march from

Pasar Seni

towards Dataran Merdeka in heavy

rain followed by 100 riot police.

The group is led by Bersih leader Tian Chua,


with shouts of Daulat Tuanku (Long live the King).

2.25pm: Crowd has increased to 2,000 in

Masjid Jamek area.

Water cannon fired several times. Crowd inside

Masjid India

and a bank opposite the mosque were hit.

Protesters are seeking

refuge inside the mosque and

Masjid Jamek LRT station.

2.10pm: The police fire chemical laced water cannons at

1,000 protesters in Masjid Jamek, near the LRT station.

The attempt by the police to disperse the crowd

was without any prior warning.

Riot police are in formation outside the mosque.

Another 500 protesters are inside Masjid India nearby.

It begins raining.


4-min video (Anwar Ibrahim and 40,000 crowd at Istana)

BN government does not care one iota about their learned and professional opinion, let alone their sincere advice for the sake of the betterment of the nation…

for how long and how much more will the majority of the intelligentsia take everything lying down?

The people depend on their every and continued act of bravery in protest of injustice and falsehood.

Said a friend: BN suka “kamcing” dengan orang pandir-pandir (well, to employ the word “bodoh” here, nanti mereka tersinggung pula)…sebab dengan orang pandir-pandir BN boleh buat mereka ikut telunjuk BN yang sarat sesarat-saratnya dengan segala nilai yang lupa kepada KeEsaan Tuhan.

Mereka (BN) akan “membujur lalu, melintang patah” dengan kerana Kuasa dan Kekayaan dan untuk mengekalkan keduanya.

There is NO hope in BN to do much good for the nation’s future and generation.

Nazri shoots down Bar’s views at law confab
Soon Li Tsin
Oct 29, 07 2:16pm

De facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz is making his presence felt at the 14th Malaysian Law Conference but is not sharing any of the Bar Council’s views on judicial reform.

The minister shot down various proposals raised by Malaysian Bar head S Ambiga in her welcoming address in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

Ambiga said the crisis in 1988 had eroded public confidence in the judiciary and pointed out the importance of a truth and reconciliation process.

However, Nazri told reporters later that the erosion of public confidence in the judiciary is a matter of perception.

“That’s their perception which may not necessary be mine. What is (meant by) ‘public’? Does it mean 1,000 to 2,000 people or the whole nation? We respect opinions but the government has its own perception so we agree to disagree,” he said.

“They (Bar Council) are talking from a legal point of view (but) we (the government) run a country. We’re looking from the summit of the mountain and they are looking (from) their eye level.”

Exception to the norms

The Bar president also called for the abolition of laws allowing for detention without trial, and revocation of emergency proclamations and emergency ordinances.

“The council takes the stand that laws relating to detention without trial must be repealed in keeping with the country’s pledge to uphold universal values in all aspects of national development,” she said.

“The powers of detention without trial remains an exception to the norms of any fair, just, equitable and democratic society.”

Such laws include the Internal Security Act, Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969, Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985 and Restricted Residence Act 1933.

Ambiga also called for the repeal of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 and Sedition Act 1948 as they have “outlived their use”.

“We live in the age of the Internet now. There is little point in controlling the press if it only means that the news will easily find its way into cyberspace,” she told about 700 delegates present.

Responding, Nazri maintained that these laws were still needed to keep peace and stability in the country.

“There are laws that seem to be outdated but the peace and stability that you experience now is very much because of […] fact that we have to stop some of the people raising emotional, racial issues,” he countered.

It is not without a cost you experience the stability now. I still maintain that we still need these laws.”

Asked whether Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim’s tenure will be extended, the minister said he hasn’t heard anything.

“I have not heard anything. You can ask the prime minister tonight (when he attends dinner),” he added.

‘Undertake major reforms’

Declaring open the conference, Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak said public perception of the judiciary matters.

“The principal quality that the judiciary must possess is impartiality. It means that judges are not only free from influence of external forces but also of one another,” he said.

The former Lord President had the delegates in stitches when he mistakenly said “there are good lawyers and bad judges” (when he meant “bad lawyers”) before smilingly correcting his error.

He also said judges should resist socialising with business personalities and other well-connected people.

He added that it is time for the country to undertake major reforms in its commercial court structure and procedures to compete with other countries.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi cancelled his appearance at the opening ceremony at the eleventh hour, to officiate the launch of the East Coast Economic Region project.

However, he is scheduled to read his keynote address at a dinner hosted by him for conference participants today.

The three-day conference with the theme ’50 Years of Independence’ covers a comprehensive selection of topics – from the Federal Constitution, the country’s legal system after 50 years, the rights of the stateless and indigenous people, freedom of expression in arts, freedom of information to the role of Asean in Burma.


and it comes from SUHAKAM?


Suhakam: Lantik JTM jadi ejen tunggal pekerja asing

PUTRAJAYA 18 Okt. – Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) mencadangkan kerajaan melantik Jabatan Tenaga Manusia (JTM) sebagai agensi tunggal yang bertanggungjawab membawa masuk pekerja asing ke negara ini.

Pesuruhjaya Suhakam, Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam berkata, pada masa ini terdapat lebih 200 syarikat diberi kelulusan oleh kerajaan untuk mengambil pekerja asing, namun masih terdapat banyak ejen yang beroperasi secara haram.

Katanya, JTM yang diletakkan di bawah Kementerian Sumber Manusia lebih mengetahui mengenai keperluan tenaga asing dalam sektor-sektor tertentu di negara ini.

Menurut beliau, sekiranya langkah itu dilaksanakan, kemasukan pekerja asing dapat dikurangkan dan sekali gus menyelesaikan pelbagai masalah berkaitan.

‘‘JTM lebih mengetahui bidang mana yang kritikal dan memerlukan pekerja asing. Kadangkala ejen tidak tahu soal ini. Yang mereka tahu hanya bawa masuk seberapa banyak pekerja asing.

‘‘Setelah masuk ke Malaysia, kadangkala pekerja asing terbabit tidak mendapat pekerjaan seperti yang dijanjikan, selepas itu bermulalah segala macam masalah hingga ada yang mengambil kesempatan tinggal secara haram di negara ini,’’ katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Terdahulu, Siva Subramaniam mengadakan lawatan ke pusat pekerja asing di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa KL (KLIA) dekat sini. Turut hadir ialah Timbalan Ketua Imigresen KLIA, M. Saravana Kumar.

Menurut Siva Subramaniam, jika diberi kuasa membawa masuk pekerja asing, JTM juga boleh mengadakan perbincangan dengan rakan mereka di negara-negara lain berhubung pengambilan pekerja asing ke Malaysia.

‘‘Saya pasti agensi yang sama seperti JTM turut ditubuhkan di negara-negara seperti Indonesia, India, Bangladesh dan sebagainya.

‘‘Selain itu, JTM juga boleh mengadakan perbincangan dengan pihak kedutaan asing di negara ini ketika proses kemasukan pekerja asing dari negara masing-masing dijalankan,’’ ujarnya.

Beliau menambah, Suhakam akan mengemukakan cadangan itu kepada kerajaan dalam tempoh terdekat.

‘‘Cadangan ini bukan bertujuan untuk merosakkan perniagaan ejen-ejen pengambilan pekerja asing sebaliknya mahu memastikan keselamatan negara dan rakyat terjamin,’’ katanya.


Rakyat bebas dengan rentak politik mereka tanpa diugut, digertak, ditekan dan ditarikbalik keistimewaan mereka…

Ahli bebas keluar atau masuk parti, dengan pandangan politik masing-masing tanpa sebarang halangan.

Berbeza dengan Umno-BN yang dilaporkan oleh bekas ahli-ahli mereka…sebagai menyusahkan hidup mereka.

Dan walaupun puluhan ribu dah keluar parti, nama mereka tetap disimpan oleh Umno…

Najib dan Umno pandir tentang politik alternatif.

Mereka tidak akan faham betapa bagusnya mereka yang terasa nak keluar parti, keluar dengan rela…

Sebenarnya, Umno-BN lah yang sudah menjadi tidak releven pada majoriti rakyat jelata yang berada dalam kesempitan hidup, tiada tempat untuk mengadu…kecuali jika menjadi ahli Umno-BN; itupun lihat dulu kem mana yang disokongnya.   Yang pentingnya Umo-BN hanya menunggu masa untuk untuk pupus.

For starters, boleh cuba periksa siapa dia 2003 orang yang menerima wang zakat dari Najib tu…


MIUP bukti PKR ada masalah dalaman – Najib

PEKAN 7 Okt. – Penubuhan Parti Bersatu India Malaysia (MIUP) oleh bekas Ketua Bahagian Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Kepong, Datuk S. Nallakaruppan memberi gambaran PKR kini berhadapan dengan masalah dalaman yang mampu menggugat keutuhan parti tersebut.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata, walau apa juga yang berlaku dalam PKR, beliau tetap menunggu kenyataan rasmi daripada Nallakaruppan tentang pendiriannya terhadap penubuhan MIUP itu.

‘‘Mungkin ada masalah dalaman yang besar dalam Parti Keadilan, sebab itulah Datuk Nalla tidak bersama lagi dalam Keadilan dan mengambil keputusan untuk menubuhkan partinya sendiri.

‘‘Saya tunggu komen setelah Datuk Nalla mengeluarkan kenyataan rasmi tentang pendiriannya itu,” kata Najib kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri Majlis Penyampaian Sumbangan Zakat di sini hari ini.

Semalam, Nallakaruppan yang juga seorang ahli perniagaan mengumumkan penubuhan parti politik baru MIUP yang mewakili kaum India dengan beliau sendiri akan menjadi Presiden parti itu.

Menurut Najib, dalam sistem demokrasi berparlimen, pihak- pihak tertentu boleh menubuhkan parti politik dan terpulang kepada rakyat untuk menentukan siapakah yang mereka hendak beri sokongan.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri menjelaskan, sokongan yang bakal diperoleh juga tertakluk kepada dasar-dasar yang diperjuangkan oleh parti berkenaan.

‘‘Terpulang kepada rakyat untuk menentukan siapa yang mereka sokong. Dasar yang diperjuangkan juga ditentukan oleh parti yang ditubuhkan oleh Datuk Nalla itu,” ujarnya.

Terdahulu, dalam ucapannya pada majlis tersebut Najib berkata, semakin ramai golongan korporat di negara ini mulai sedar akan kepentingan untuk mengeluarkan zakat.

Beliau memberitahu, kesedaran tersebut juga mencerminkan kejayaan pemerintahan negara yang mampu mentadbir negara dengan baik dan berkesan.

Najib berharap kecemerlangan itu dapat dikekalkan bagi membolehkan ekonomi negara dapat berkembang dengan lebih baik.

‘‘Umat Islam di negara ini sepatutnya bersyukur kerana penduduk miskin mendapat pembelaan yang sewajarnya dan kita perlu mengambil iktibar daripada kejadian yang menimpa masyarakat Islam di negara luar,” katanya.

Pada majlis itu, seramai 2,003 penduduk kurang berkemampuan menerima wang zakat sebanyak RM200 setiap seorang yang disumbangkan oleh beberapa syarikat seperti Amanah Raya, Naluri dan Felda. Tokoh korporat dari Pahang yang turut menyumbang ialah Datuk Sharif Shamsudin.